Tasting Europe: Round 5 – Some Good Fare?

There was some absolutely beautiful fare at the fair and good fun to be had by all!

Originating in Paris in the late 1800s, the financier was created by a French baker named Lasne who owned a bakery on the Rue St-Denis – conveniently situated near the Bourse, the financial centre of Paris. Unsurprisingly, his bakery was frequented by financiers who were eager to digest something tasty and comforting on the run. The financier was born!!


Personally I think it resembles a rather bland bar of gold and perhaps this has accounted for its many variations. My eternal love for anything colourful motivating me, I was eager to turn it into something more appetising. Luckily, when searching for variations, I stumbled upon the absolutely delicious blueberry financier topped with sliced almonds!


I love anything relating to French baked goods and these were not at all difficult nor time-consuming to make. Baking these cakes was quite a nostalgic experience for me as I recalled the times when I assisted mum with her own baking – indeed reiterating the importance of ‘shared food memories’ (Belasco 2008) as we reconnected with my childhood experiences of cake mixture flying everywhere! However, with mum as the sous-chef this time it was nice to take the lead for a change!

The simple cake is mainly comprised of ingredients such as egg whites, icing sugar and flour and a dash of vanilla extract and salt. It also features a beurre noisette (brown butter) to give it a distinctive flavour – a certain je ne sais quoi!


Having made around 40 individual cakes for the Food Fair, I was pleasantly surprised to see that most had been eaten! I was thrilled with the positive comments – although, between bites, I think we all agreed that they would be better with a good cup of tea (as I come from a British family this made me very happy)! This feedback really reiterates the emphasis that people place upon food to act as a source of comfort – which was, after all, a central factor for choosing these unassuming little French cakes!

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